HMP architects design concepts are based on contextual, human scale and spatial space arrangement that maximize the efficiency of spatial functions.

Founded in 2007, we have worked with numerous and diverse clients with specific spatial function needs, such as residential, private, office, clinic, manufacture, and other commercial functions. Our integrated architects and interior designers team produce each of the design specifically and focus to fill each designated function with personality, while maintaining the aesthetic side of it.

Understanding clients' desires and needs sensitively are always our team commitments and goals. We try to listen to their needs, requirements, hopes and dreams before incorporating these features into the project. This will help us to create the best possible projects with added values.

Throughout every design process, we minimize and navigate the unknown through careful planning, research and space understanding. Next, we find the right strategies and materials to make the project both cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Our dedicated design team will also creatively pay attention to small details to add aesthetic values while gaining the trust and increasing the satisfaction from our clients.



Thinking Process

Architecture as problem solving.

It is a simple initial thought whenever we start a project. Although we are hired only as architects, we always try to connect the project with our clients' lives or businesses and find the best solutions to help them achieve their goals with our designs.

Designing elegant and functional building is our goal, but improving the life and well-being of our clients is also one of our main goal. These goals are achieved by creating a building with easy maintenance, energy efficiency, good air-circulation, well-functioning structure and space, and good office productivity. As for residential clients, our goal is to turn their house into a home.


80% of our clients are repeated clients.

With more than 10 years of relationship with our clients, we are delighted to give them the best solution in every project. We treat our clients not as a person or company who hire us professionally, but as partners, whom we like to enhance and improve their lives and businesses.

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Erha Clinic
Bakmi GM
Citra 6 Marketing Gallery
Golden Rama
Guna Cipta
Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia
Plaju 14
AB1A Villa Marketing Office
KHI Marketing Galery
and many more...

Kemanggisan House
Saphire House
Tirta Golf House
Pasir Putih House
Mingle House


Galileo Office
Arya Studio
Erha Apothecary
Marco Restaurant PIM
Plaju Office
Genero Factory
Bali Hai Brewhouse
Hotel Lampung
Atria Magelang
Atria Malang
Atria Serpong
Condotel Hotel Yogyakarta
Yayasan SGU Office

Mingle House
St. Moritz Apartment
Kedamaian House
Intercon House